Outreach – What is it good for?

A few months agoI stared transferring images of species form Flickr to Wikimedia Commons which had an acceptable license. However rewarding this might be for the grand scheme of free knowledge and information, it feels terrible to see images which has more restrictive licenses.

I took it upon myself to contact a few of these Flickr-photographers and asked them nicely if they could agree to change their licenses to a more open and free license (of course I used the ‘can be used in Wikipedia‘-aspect), and one of them actually responded to me and agreed to change their licenses on all their ~11 000 images of species.

These images can now be found in Category:Photographs by Bernard Dupont.

This only goes to show that outreach is the best way to help the free knowledge movement. People want to help out and have their material shared and used, all it takes it a push in the right direction.